Moonshine On The Vine

by BJ Wilbanks

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I want these days, to start slowing down Cause all I see, is fading now Help me to be, to breathe in and just break out Cause this ain’t me, no, this ain’t what I’m like (Chorus) Oh the walls, can close you in so tight That you may never even know All the fire that’s inside But keep on trying baby just let go Of what hurts you most All the trouble in your soul The trouble in your soul Life in haste, what a waste of a life Disrupting the pace, that fuels your heart and your mind Help me escape, erase these old worn out lines Cause this ain’t the place, where my light shines bright (Chorus) Oh the walls, can close you in so tight That you may never really know All the fire that’s inside But keep on trying baby just let go Of what hurts you most All the trouble in your soul The trouble in your soul x3
Stay a little while, stay a little longer Don’t hide that smile, you can’t hide your hunger Cause I can feel, the way you feel Oh I can feel, they way you feel Say a little prayer, say something If I’m not there, I’m just wondering If you can feel, they way I feel Oh can you feel, they way I feel When it’s all done, and you’ve got nothing Your heart’s been spun, your soul’s wide open Then you can feel, the way you feel You really feel, the way you feel The way you feel
You feel so far away from me And I swear I’m gonna make one of you for me One day with my own family A porch swing, back yard and fireplace in between (Chorus) Down the road you’ll find your old soul That place in time you felt so warm Hope you know that’s right where you belong Right back home Young days lovin’ life and livin’ free And all we ever had was all we need Memories of homegrown food and family I guess they’ll just have to do while we see (Chorus) Down the road you’ll find your old soul That place in time you felt so warm Hope you know that’s right where you belong Right back home Something that I just can’t quite explain Is calling my heart and yellin’ out my name Come home just as fast as you can Down South back to truth and living off the land (Chorus) Down the road you’ll find your old soul That place in time you felt so warm Hope you know that’s right where I belong Right back home Right back home Right back home
In This Life 06:27
If there’s hesitation, something in you’s saying, take your time Feel the rhythm baby, deep down in your heart and free your mind Cause your bound, to find, so much more In this life (Chorus) Love, hope and all you know Let it come lord let it go Hold it close until you know It feels right, it feels right Inside Too much information, clouds this human race’s, clear blue sky And all this devastation, just to earn a nickel and a dime, I can’t see why We don’t try to find, so much more In this life (Chorus) Listen and be patient, the answer’s all around you all the time Truth and moderation, have always been the keys to this here life, oh why Don’t we try, to find, so much more In this life, oh love (Chorus) Inside In this life
Well I’m leaving, won’t be gone that long Don’t tell me that you ain’t gone miss me none Girl you ain’t fooling no one with that cold disposition If you’d only let me in, maybe we could have some fun I’m just hoping to find The way to your heart There ain’t no need in tearing yourself apart Say how you feel, shout it out loud right now Girl you can’t let some old heartache keep your love from coming out Don’t worry bout mistakes you ain’t made, let’s just feel right right now And just help meto find The way to your heart
The Storm 02:37
When that Storm Starts rolling in When that storm Starts rolling in Don’t get caught in the lightening Don’t get caught in the lightening] If you do,it might be your last sin



This was a truly organic, homemade work of music. That’s why I named it what I did. I used to try to make wine out of my Pawpaw’s muscadines, and they were so damn sweet that most of the damn bottles would turn into moonshine/hooch. It still tasted great, but it would sneak up on you in a hurry. Just like that wine, most every track on this album was created by playing live and raw. What you hear is what you get. We wanted to do something true and pure as we could, plus my budget wouldn’t really allow me to do much more. I feel the soul of music is best captured that way anyway. We need to hear the human, the room, and the live in our music. I plan to do this and more when I release my first full album next year. You can edit the hell out of something ’til it sounds as perfect as possible, but I have always found it loses feeling that way.

I want to give all the love and appreciation that I can to my Mom, DeLaine Hudson and my Dad, Joe Wilbanks. Without them, this and many of my other life endeavors would have never happened. Another amazing HUGE thanks to my hardcore awesome fans who helped me in more ways than I can express. Thanks so much Dave & Donna McClure, Steve & Lisa Welch, Leah Long, Priscilla & Dave Abernathy, Brett Sutton, Jessical Ippilito, James Armstrong & Jamie DeClerk, Karla Rowe & Josin Meagley, for your never-ending support and love for my music. I’m so humbled, happy and thrilled that my music moves your soul. I owe my last few years of easier living to my wonderful team Teresa Powell and Jill Pavell. These ladies work their butts off for me and I am forever grateful for their love and believing in me as an artist. Also I want to thank Kevin Sellors at The Vault Studios. You are a fantastic human being and an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks so much, man. Thanks to Zach Wheeler for drumming so awesomely and for bringing me to Kevin’s home and studio. Thanks to Kevin’s brother Ryan Sellors for laying down such solid bass tracks too. A HUGE thank you goes to Jonathan Beckner for putting up with me for so long and helping me figure out what the hell I wanted to do with all this damn music I’ve written. Hopefully, I’ll put out my first full album not too long after this and we can finally do something with all those great recordings we are sitting on!

Lastly, I want to thank the most important person to have entered my life in the last recent years…my sweet, loving, amazing woman – Carly Gibson. You are my heart & soul, best friend, and the greatest team mate I have ever had. Thanks for all the love and care you have given me. The last four years have been phenomenal. I love you baby, you make everything so much more beautiful. Thank again everyone and to anyone I missed…you know who you are and I’ll get you on the full album where there’ll be more space to ramble and write.

Love you all!




released October 30, 2015

All songs recorded and Mixed by Kevin Sellors at The Vault Studios *except for Right Back Home, recorded at Real 2 Reel Studios by Jonathan Beckner.

Tracks 1, 2, & 4: Trouble in Your Soul, The Way You Feel, In This Life
Vocals, Guitars: BJ Wilbanks
Drums/Percussion: Zach Wheeler
Bass: Ryan Sellors
Organ/Keys: Kevin Sellors

*Trouble In Your Soul: Cello by Melissa Hyman
*The Way You Feel: Background vocals by Carly Gibson

Track 3: Right Back Home
Vocals, Guitar: BJ Wilbanks
Drums: Darren Stanely
Lead Guitar: Ian Newberry
Dobro: Jared Womack
Bass: Rob Henson
Banjo: Jeff Mosier
Fiddle: Kenny Lambert and Leah Calvert
Background Vocals: Carly Gibson

Tracks 5 & 6: Way to Your Heart and The Storm
All music and vocals by BJ Wilbanks

Album design & layout by Evan Leavitt

All songs written by BJ Wilbanks
© 2015 Back Porch Soul Publishing, ASCAP
© 2013 BJ Wilbanks


all rights reserved



BJ Wilbanks Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia-based BJ Wilbanks's authentic exploration of love and the pursuit of enlightenment has been referred to as “Back Porch Soul”,; fusing the musical roots of Americana, Motown and Delta Blues into an intoxicating blend of Southern Rock.

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